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Vincent Geijsel | cinematography portfolio

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I was born in Amsterdam in 1970, where I also graduated from the Dutch Film Academy (NFTA) in 1997, BA Camera and Lighting.

Until 2010 mostly working as 1st A.C. on a wide variety of both dutch and international features, commercials and tv series, and on occasion as well as DoP, shooting 2nd unit, or operating.

My 14+ years of experience as an assistant have given me the opportunity to work with a host of very different people, for some great directors and DoP’s, under an even wider range of circumstances and conditions, each resulting in movies with totally different styles and signatures.

This peek in so many unique kitchens I believe has provided me with a solid base, ample technical skill and on-set experience, plus the conviction that film style should serve the script. (and that a big part of my job is adapting to that) this year I hope to further continue my career as a cinematographer,
here is my showcase, enjoy!

January 2011

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